Kat has practiced Hand Analysis for over 35 years with well over 6000 reading to her credit. Nerves end in the hands and feet, thus causing a brain-hand connection.


Kat Anders Credentials

about meEducation
Master's Degree in Health Education.
Bachelor's Degree in Music Education.
American Cancer Society Board Member.
22 years of Research on Spinal Health.

Development of unique reading techniques related to Guardian Angels and Spinal health.
Over 35 years experience of Hand & Palm Analysis.
Over 6000 Readings.
Taught in the public schools for 8 years.
Health counselor.


Hand and Palm Analysis is a 3000 year old art. Nerves end in the hands and feet, thus causing a brain-hand connection. Because of this connection, lines of energy form in the hands. There's a distinct and detailed "Map of your life" in the hands that reveals itself by way of color, shapes, lines, mounts and other various markings.

Look at your hands, what you see?

Heart Line: Heart Health, Emotions, Heritage.
Head & Spine Line: Mental Energy, Spinal health.
Life Line: Respiratory Health, Injuries.
Fate Line: Career, Relationships, Destiny.

About Hand Analysis

You will see these lines in both hands. They will be slightly different and have different meanings depending on which hand they appear. The undominant hand is your past, your dominant hand is your present and future.

There are many different line configurations in your hands, here are their meanings:


Meaning of Lines